What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is a gross sin of misuse of power.

This power is established by manipulation and control.

This manipulation and control is used to selfishly satisfy fleshly lusts at the expense of wife or husband and family who are robbed of their self-esteem.

Self-esteem is beaten from their victims by verbal attacks, derogatory name-calling, belittling criticism, intimidation, emotional game-playing and bullying, and physical or sexual attacks in a secrecy enforced by fear.

This fear is instilled by threats of yet more emotional or physical attacks on them, or their children, or their family, or even pets if their (unreasonable) demands and even unspoken expectations are not met.

The threats are protected by shame on the part of the victim (like the shame a broken marriage brings) and restrictions on communications with family and friends often including monitoring their telephone, email and device use and restrictions on their access to money for living.

If this article raises concerns you have about domestic violence in your own life or those around you can call 1800RESPECT (If in Australia) or similar services in other countries. There is also a list of support services on this website including Christadelphian Support Services.

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