Myth: Faithful wives are expected to endure abuse like Christ endured suffering

This is a perversion of the truth. It was God’s will that Jesus suffered at the hands of wicked men. We are called upon to suffer “for Christ’s sake” but domestic abuse is not “for Christ’s sake”. Christ is not in an abuser’s thoughts. It is not God’s will that we endure abuse. Abuse is the opposite of what we can expect at the hands of our Loving Heavenly Father (Luke 11:9-13). It is the opposite of what those claiming to be like Him would do.

Escaping an abusive husband or wife to keep you and your children healthy and safe is entirely scriptural just as David fled from Saul. It is not deserting the marriage when the abuser has failed to love as Christ loved us. Christ does not call on a wife to reverence her husband like we reverence Christ if he chooses to be the opposite of Christ. It is wrong to revere the wicked.

If this article raises concerns you have about domestic violence in your own life or those around you can call 1800RESPECT (If in Australia) or similar services in other countries. There is also a list of support services on this website including Christadelphian Support Services.

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