Myth: Domestic abuse is only serious if it involves physical violence

​The definitions of domestic violence in Australia’s laws include not only physical but sexual, psychological and economic abuse. The Law of Christ also makes no distinction between physical and other abuse. Victims live in a state of constant fear of the abusers’ next attack regardless of the type of abuse. This fear has no place in Christ-like relationships. For husbands and wives Christ requires the husband and the wife to walk in love and be imitators of God as dear children (Eph. 5:1) and to create a relationship characterised by loving, cherishing and respecting each other (Eph. 5:21-33). God does not abuse us.

Using threats or physically forcing a wife into sexual activities she is not comfortable with is the direct opposite of scriptural sexual expression as an act of love within a marriage (Col. 3:19).

Psychological and emotional abuse includes threats, intimidation, belittling, insulting and isolating from family and friends. This has a severe effect on the self-esteem of the victim and threatens their mental well-being. Never did Christ behave like this. It is a hypocritical behaviour of those claiming to follow Christ. Its effects are as serious as physical violence.

If this article raises concerns you have about domestic violence in your own life or those around you can call 1800RESPECT (If in Australia) or similar services in other countries. There is also a list of support services on this website including Christadelphian Support Services.

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